What Is Squalene?

olive skin careWhat Is It and Where Does It Come From?

Nearly everyone knows that keeping skin properly moisturized is the key to having healthy and radiant skin. A well-hidden and highly effective emollient when it comes to naturally obtaining supple and youthful skin is squalene.

Squalene (also known as “squalane)” has been discovered to be a favored component in moisturizers for those seeking organic skin care. It’s derived from two primary sources: vegetables and shark liver. The highest quality of squalene is derived from olives, and environmentally conscious users usually verify that the squalene is botanical derivative, assuring that they are not using shark liver oil.

Skin creams with squalene are becoming increasingly popular as the word gets out.

 How Does Squalene Work?

Squalene is a natural emollient that delivers moisture into your skin cells and locks it there with a  protective barrier. This allows it to successfully prevent fine lines as well as ease dry skin. The essential nutrients found in squalene encourage cell regeneration, which increases collagen production, thereby plumping skin and creating a radiant and healthy glow.


Squalene is easisqualene shark liverly absorbed by the skin since it resembles natural oils already created by the human body. It provides protection from harmful UV rays and is a powerful antioxidant that plays a great role in preventing age spot as well.


If you’re seeking a natural and organic skin care regimen, you many want to give great consideration to adding skin care product with squalene to your daily routine.